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lochcarroncottages.co.uk & Your personal information

lochcarroncottages.co.uk takes the right to privacy of people who send
personal information to us very seriously.

Under the Data Protection Act 1998, we are registered with the Information Commissioner's Office under registration reference: ZA182004 (you can see our registration here).

Set out below are details of our privacy policies but in brief:

We only collect the minimum of personal data we need to work efficiently

We do not pass your information to any 3rd parties unless

  1. Required by law.
  2. You specifically request us to.

How do we define 'personal information' ?

We define personal information as being that which identifies the
person uniquely. This would include (but is not limited to):

  • Your name
  • Your e-mail address
  • Your postal address
  • Your telephone number

How do we collect information ?

lochcarroncottages.co.uk collects information in several ways,
these include:

  • Receipt / exchange of e-mails with clients and prospective clients.
  • Receipt / exchange of communication by post from/with clients.
  • The completion of on-line forms (such as our contact form)
  • The use of cookies on our website*

*Notes about Cookies. Our website uses cookies in two different ways
in two different cases.

  1. In most cases the cookies are used to identify to the server which computer has asked for what information. An example would
    be dynamic pages (like our property list), where the web-site visitor
    clicks on a link which request information from a database.

    These cookies don't identify the person browsing the website as a
    person, they are just a unique number assigned to the computer the
    visitor is using to allow the server to send the right information to
    the right computer and are only used for the duration of your visit to
    the site. No records of these cookies are kept after you have left the

  2. Some parts of our site may require the web-site
    visitor to 'log-in', using a username and password, to view restricted
    content. In some cases these areas will use a cookie to store user

How do we use the information?

Information is frequently collected electronically, ie by e-mail
or through the on-line forms. This information is checked and
used for the following purposes:

  • Where required by law

    For example, keeping invoices etc for financial records.
  • For the purposes of contacting / replying to clients and
    prospective clients.

    For example, replying to e-mail and web-form enquiries,
    correspondence with existing clients etc.
  • For administration purposes.

    For example we keep copies of enquiries, contracts etc. These
    are identified with the clients name, date etc.

How long do we keep information ?

The short answer is only as long as is necessary. Some information
needs to be kept for longer periods (clients' contact details
on invoices etc) but we regularly delete/destroy information
that is no longer of relevance.

Do we exchange information with others ?

lochcarroncottages.co.uk does not exchange/pass data on to
third parties unless required to do so by law or asked
specifically to do so by the client.

Can I find out what information you have about me ?

If you are a client or have contacted us in the past and wish to find
out what information we hold with your data, then please
complete the contact form requesting the information. There is
no charge for this, but there are security procedures that
will need to be followed.

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